About us

What if you were in a field with infinite potential but distinguished by often disappointing results?
What if you could make a difference but you got stuck in a lethargic process?

Dotto Creations is the creature of two minds born and raised in the Italian – and not only – Automotive Design field, working for companies as renowned as Pininfarina, Italdesign and Volvo Group. Two minds tired of preconceptions and limits that exist  in a conservative and static world.

Dotto Creations is the direct result of this dissatisfaction and, more than anything else, wants to discuss the design approach before that the actual designing even begins: let’s start back from scratch, from a blank sheet, let’s free ourselves from any chain, let’s put ourselves into kid’s shoes, able to look at things with virgin eyes, and call into question everything that surrounds us.
What is the reason of things?
Who defined it? Who designed it?

Who chose the perspective and the viewpoint through we see things?
Do we really believe in the world we are in, and in the way we live it, or could we benefit from alternative viewpoints, not inevitably new or necessarily opposite?

This philosophy flows into our design with a main value, the Simplyfing: studying andresearching the true essence of things and enhancing it, simplifying the excessive.
Stealing ideas from any branch of knowledge, from art to engineering, from literature to physics.

The results are handcrafted pieces, unique in their kind, that try to challenge, not even too softly, the state of art and what we all define as the “natural” evolution of things. All of this is entirely produced in our laboratory in Italy, a few kilometers from Turin.

Biancaneve is our first creation, the manifesto of an original and honest approach, that wants to raise the voice and show that, if you really want to, it’s possible to find new directions and solutions.